5 quick cleaning tips every business should follow

As a Lancashire cleaning company, we know what makes a professional office stand out. You can have all the latest, high end furniture but if your office is a mess when it comes to customers you will fail the test. First impressions count.

Our cleaning experts have pulled together the following five quick tips that all office managers need to make sure happen every week as a minimum. Commercial cleaning not your thing? Our cleaning teams can help. Take a quick look at our commercial cleaning page.

Clean The Largest Part Of Your Office

All shops and retailers vacuum their floors every morning. You’re a professional business selling products or services, you should too!
Nothing beats a clean floor, especially in a modern office. It makes up one of the largest surface areas and let’s face it, your business pays for its space by the square foot. Make sure every last square is as clean as it could be.

Vacuum those high footfall areas every day to keep on top of crumbs and dust. Mop the kitchen floor every day as well as the bathroom but don’t use the same mop for both. For the best results use the two-bucket approach. One bucket for clean water and a second bucket with the wringer and dirty water.

De-clutter your desks

It is a common HR practice to have a clear desk policy in most staff handbooks. A clear desk allows for more efficient work, a tidier space and of course for faster cleaning.

If you leave just four things on your desk every day, by the end of the month you would have 112 items on your desk! Promote a clean culture in your business and keep desktops clear. If having equipment close to hand is a necessity in your office opt for a desk tidy that fits in with the décor or your branding. This looks neat to visitors and means dusting is very quick.

Remove dust and crumbs from office equipment

Often employees will snack at their desks. Keeping on top of the crumbs and dust will minimize equipment failures and over time reduce cleaning time. Keyboards are the main culprits for harboring crumbs. Hold the keyboard upside down and gently shake out any loose crumbs or debris. Then lightly brush over the keys with an antibacterial wipe. There you have it, a crumb free, germ free keyboard in less than 3 minutes.

Don’t forget the walls

You may not think walls require much attention when it comes to cleaning. You’d be wrong! At Helping Hands we believe it’s all the little areas of cleaning that make a big difference.

Grubby finger marks on walls (usually around doorways) are a real eyesore. Depending on the type of paint used you’ll need a mildly abrasive cream cleaner and a soft cloth, with some paints you can get away with a damp cloth and a good scrub. These methods also work above radiators, pay special attention to these areas especially on lighter colour walls as the rising heat attracts dirt.

Office wall-coverings are a treat for the eye, unless they are covered in a layer of dust. Some wall-coverings can be delicate so do test methods before using products. A light feather duster or a good dry cloth should do the trick.

Crystal Clear Office Windows

Your windows might look fine on the average rainy Lancashire day but what about when the sun shines? Do not let your office presentation down with hidden smears and finger prints that are guaranteed to show themselves at the worst possible moments.

For a DIY window cleaner mix one part distilled white vinegar to nine parts water. Add to a spray bottle and spray your office windows sparingly. Buff the glass with a dry paper towel for a crystal finish. Never fail to impress your important customers with your spotless windows, it’s also beneficial for your team. A good window view can even improve productivity.

Try our top tips for a month and you will notice the difference in your office. But if cleaning is not your thing, we are happy to assist you. Hiring a professional cleaner is not as expensive as you might think. Just imagine how much time you’ll save and the positive impact it will have on your staff and clients.

Contact our friendly team today to arrange your free, no obligation cleaning quotation 01254 812144 or email us at sales@thehelpinghandsgroup.co.uk

Happy cleaning!

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